Science is loved and enjoyed by pupils across the Key Stages in St Mary’s. As a school, we aim to provide opportunities for all pupils to develop an understanding of the key concepts outlined in the National Curriculum which include the natural and physical sciences, environmental issues, technological applications and also health related matters.

Lessons are designed to follow the objectives of the National Curriculum and units are planned to ensure progression and engagement in learning. While Science is taught as a separate lesson, St Mary’s aims to ensure cross curricular links are made across all subjects. Science lessons are designed to be inclusive; therefore, lessons are planned to be accessible to all. Our broad and challenging curriculum gives pupils a full opportunity to develop their own understanding of the world in which they live.

Practical investigations are at the heart of our approach to Science in St Mary’s. Value is placed on knowledge and its application through discovery based learning. We aim to prepare our students for the world of STEM learning, ensuring inquiry based skills are embedded.

Science Week is celebrated each year with science based workshops and a whole school science fair where students can display their learning.