In St Mary’s children use and apply their computing knowledge, skills and understanding confidently and competently in their learning and in everyday contexts. They become independent and discerning users of technology, recognising opportunities and also the risks. Children are taught, at all ages, how to stay online.

Children are able to use computers our computing suite, wireless laptops and other equipment such as iPads from an early age and will develop important skills. They will use a range of software to support their learning including word processors, databases, graphic programmes and PowerPoint. Interactive whiteboards in each class means there is direct connection with the internet as well as up-to-date software to enhance children’s learning. Both hardware and software are updated continuously to meet the fast changing needs of society.

National Curriculum Expectations

At St Marys we learn:

  • The importance of communicating safely and respectfully online, and the need for keeping personal information private.
  • What makes up the computer system and which parts store information. 
  • How to use a computer to show data
  • How to program using algorithms
  • How to use tech with increasing independence to purposefully organise digital content.
  • How to use a range of input and output devices (microphones on iPads as inputs)

Useful Websites for Parents