Our Mission Statement

St. Mary’s Catholic Primary School exists to serve the Roman Catholic families of the Parish of Our Lady of the Holy Souls, Kensal New Town and other local parishes.

At St Mary’s Catholic Primary School, we recognise that we are all part of God’s wonderful creation and therefore are all special. We learn to respect one another as we prepare for the life in the wider world. Our school community is united by our faith in Jesus, whose message we live by and teach. We recognise, respect and celebrate our diversity. We uphold and promote catholic ethos and values in all aspects of the school life.

Our Catholic ethos is at the centre of all we do; and at the same time, we seek to ensure that all pupils have an understanding of the diverse religious cultures in our world today. We respect and celebrate each other's differences.

Throughout the year, our children have opportunities to participate in prayer, liturgies and Religious Education lessons, challenging and supporting them to develop in mind, body and spirit.

At St Mary’s we encourage everyone to learn, grow and flourish in Faith and Love.

St Mary’s Catholic Primary School Mission Statement

‘Learning together in Faith and Love’

The aims of our school are:

  • To promote Christian values where children live, learn and celebrate the teaching of Christ.
  • To provide a curriculum which is broad, balanced and meaningful and where children can experience enjoyment and fulfilment.
  • To promote the highest standards of teaching and learning within the framework of the National Curriculum
  • To develop in each child a sense of achievement, value and self-worth and to achieve the standards of which they are capable.
  • To help our children acquire the skills of independent learning and make sufficiently rapid progress.
  • To provide a safe and secure environment where children feel valued, and where they respect, help and care for each other.
  • To involve parents in all aspects of their child’s education and promote good home/school partnership.
  • To develop in our children awareness and respect for the different cultures and religions represented in society and their responsibility to the wider community.
  • To foster the continuing development of staff, parents and governors in serving the community.

St. Mary’s Values

These values underpin all areas of our school life and school community:

  • Kindness
  • Respect
  • Tolerance
  • Honesty
  • Responsibility (for ourselves and our world)
  • Co-operation