Year 6 - Wizard of Oz Dance Performance

It has been a year like no other and unfortunately, the Year 6s were unable to perform a traditional production with an audience this year. However, the show must go on and this year we took a journey to Oz. We were inspired by the hope and symbol of the rainbow and wanted to pay homage to the difficult journey we have all been on and the friendships and love that helped us through. We also remember those who did not make their way home.

We hope you enjoy our performance!


Miss Slavin - Congratulations Year 6! Very well done and wishing you all every success in secondary school.

Miss Pablo - I’ve just seen this (super late). Well done to you all! Hope you have a fantastic year as year 7’s

Mrs Ferguson - Amazing performance year 6 . Well done everyone.

Marie ( Reuel’s mum) - So lovely to see them all together. Well done to all !

Mr Fowle Year 6 Teacher St Charles - What a super performance. Well done Year 6!

Elaine - Wow well done all

Miss Walsh - FANTASTIC!! Well done year 6 on this amazing performance!! I hope to see you on stage in the future!x

Miss Donohue - Fantastic performance Year 6, well done to everyone involved!

Sara Zach's Mum - Congratulations Year 6 Amazing performance well done.

Eliana. A Year 3 - WELL DONE ! You guys should be very proud of yourselves 👍

Euale - It was very good

Ms Moriarty - So proud of all you for making the most of a tricky year! Superstars!

Thanks Ms Alena for teaching them so many instruments!

Ms Alena - Fantastic dancing, playing and singing! Well done Y6!

Arieta Shala - Fantastic performance. Well done guys.

Micka Nicolas - Loved it!

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