Year 6 School Journey 2018 - Day 4


Miah Jnolewis - I've missed all of the awesome stuff since I left 4A

G Peters - What a wonderful experience they are having! Thanks for the pictures. Safe journey back :)

Mrs Castro - Great pics! Thanks for the updates.

kyrens nan - thanks for the pics so nice to see they are having a great time sets your mind at rest

C cab - Hi great to see they are having so much fun.

Margherita - Thank you for the updates and pictures. Looks like they having a good time. Please remind Cassandra to use her camera. Miss her. Can we have more photos of 6B please?

Salma - very nice pictures and thank you for letting them have a great time.

Karina Porto - Great pics, it's nice to see them all smiling, can we have a few more pictures of 6B. Thank you for taking care of all our babies 💙

Bell - It is lovely to see the children having so much fun.
Can we see pictures of more/all of the children please

Katy O’Meara - Such lovely photos can you remind Harry to take photos too!!

Mayra Rodriguez - Thank you for posting the lovely photos, can you please include more photos of 6B class? We would like to see the photos too, so we can share with the rest of the family too. Many thanks.

Patricia Neves - Pictures look amazing. They seem to be having a great time. Thank you for all the updates. Wishing you all a lovely time

Zoe - Thanks for the updates good to see there having a great time. Please tell lorenzo ro get in a few more pics and not forget to take pics.

Hermon - Thank you for the nice pictures and all information. Thank you for looking after all the children. Hope you all having a good time. Hope to see more lovely photos on coming days.
Many thanks

Yvonne - Thanks for the update. Its looks like they are having time of their life. Bless them they look well and happy.

Madalena rocha - Aww they look amazing

Michelle conway - Thank you for the lovely photos and updates they look there all having amazing time

stella corsial - It looks like they are having a brilliant time !! it's nice to have the photo's and updates, thank you for looking after our beloved children God bless .x

Billie Wallace - They all look so happy! Thank you for looking after our babies and the frequent posts about what they are up to. Keep having fun guys xx

Carla Rebelo - Thanks to update all information about our kids, looks like they having a good time ☺

Tracy Stevens - Thank you for the updates and photos. Looks like they're having an amazing time 💙

Keighley NcNeish - Brilliant pics! Please tell kaydden his mum misses him and take more pictures.

Lisa JB - Hope they all have a fantastic time.
Thank you for posting photographs, they are much appreciated.

S Da Silva - I can't wait to taste the crepes. I hope they provide the recipe. Thank you for the photos.

S Da Silva - Thank you for the lovely photos it seems they having a great time, we really appreciate it.

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