Saying Goodbye to Our Wonderful Year 6s


Mrs Beurthe - What a lovely video!😊 I really enjoyed teaching you all in Year 2! Wishing you all the very best for the future!

Miss Sweet - What a wonderful video 🥰 Was lucky enough to work with you in Reception and Year 2. All the best for secondary school, you will all be dearly missed. Take care 😊

Matt - Thank you all for this time at st marys. Shame I did not go to school when I had the opportunity to. I will miss you and hope you have a good time at school

Mrs Cummings - A very special goodbye to our Year 6 children, many of whom were with me in Reception! Big hugs to you all and be proud of who you are and what amazing stars you will be!

Mrs Tusting - What a beautiful video. It was lovely to see you and to hear you share your thoughts! I loved seeing the pictures of you when you were much younger, how cute!!!

Wishing you all the very best for the future. Remember: 'reach for the stars and you might catch the moon!'

Miss Rocke aka Mrs Lord - Congratulations Year 6! The world is your oyster. I can not believe how much you have all grown.
Remember boys and girls to keep smiling and focus on what you can do, right now, where you are. YOU can do anything you sent your mind too.
Well done Ms Moriarty for putting together such an amazing, emotional video!
Year 6 stay safe and good luck. xxx


Mrs Ferguson - To all the year 6 pupils . I wish you all the best of luck in year 7 . Have a wonderful summer holiday . Stay safe and well . 😊🙏

Ms Mellor - Wow, this made me so emotional! Some of you were in my first ever class in St Mary’s and the fun we had out in the hut! I know the last few months have been far from ideal, and I’m sure not the way you wanted to transition to secondary but I am so proud of you all for your perseverance, adaptability and maturity. You are all going to do great things in secondary school and continue to make us proud! I’ll miss you all loads!!!!!!!

Ms Moriarty - Bailey- everyone knows my jokes were the best and you were lucky to have a teacher that was so hilarious!
But to all the Year 6s, I hope you are all feeling proud today, you have achieved so much, persevered despite the obstacles, and we are all extremely proud of you!

Bailey - Thank you to all the staff that helped and encourage me to be strong through primary, and memories. I like to say thanks to Ms Moriarty for being in your class even if you make jokes to say thanks you.😀

Kassey - I will miss you all and thank you for making my years in St Marys the best. I wish you all the best

6B Bubble - Anton: "I will miss this school"
Kye: "I give St. Mary's a 5 star rating and thank you for the knowledge and friendship"
Carlee: "Thank you for giving me so many opportunities."
Elijah: "I will miss everyone and that video was emotional"
Micah: "Thank you for the great memories"
Aaron: " Thank you so much for the kindness and joy that you gave me"

Mr Lawson - A huge congratulations to all the year 6 pupils for their hard work in St Mary's and I wish you all the best of luck in year 7 and beyond!

Mikaela - That was an amazing video. I would like to say thank you to my friends and my teachers for helping me! I will miss you all 😊😊

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