6B Assembly - Mindfulness and The Kingdom of God

 For our assembly, we looked at the intrinsic link between being mindful and a few of the many values that underpin The Kingdom of God. We first showed how the brain works; a structure containing the pre-frontal cortex, the hippocampus and the amygdala - looking at how each combined to help us be mindful. The values of mercy, compassion and kindness are fundamental for a healthy mindset which would allow you to show empathy for someone having a bad day. 6B's own Rashane, Jeremiah and Senay combined to perform a quick sketch highlighting the difference in one's day depending on how mindfully they are treated. Our assembly concluded with our mission and a prayer explaining that we can all reflect on how we deal with people having a hard time and what we can do to help. A big congratulations to 6B!


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