Staff List

Leadership Team

Ann Slavin

Executive Headteacher

Magdalena Tusting

Head of School:

Safeguarding and Child Protection

SENco/Groups of learners

Inclusion and Access

Catholic Life of the school

Teams around the school

Daily Operations

Timetabling and cover

Louise Donohue

Assistant Headteacher:

Attendance and Punctuality

Standards of Teaching and Learning



Coaching and Mentoring of teachers and students

Loredana Beurthe

Assistant Headteacher:

KS1 Leader

Year 2/SATs


PHSE Well-being

Religious Education: Teaching and learning

Parent Link

School Debate Team

Wider Leadership Team

Jill Moriarty

Senior School Improvement Leader:

Key Stage 2 Lead

English Lead

Prefects coordinator

Christian Larke

School Improvement Leader:

Maths lead/Maths Mastery

Craig Pattinson

PE and Sports

Physical Well-being

Healthy Schools

JTA and Houses

Fabio Fernandez

School Improvement Leader:






Laura Mellor

School Improvement Leader:


Students/Work Experience pupils

Administration Team

Hania Koumi

Admin and HR Officer

Lumina Herman

Admin officer

Admissions and Attendance Officer

Teresa O’Reilly

Admin Assistant

Class Teams

Class Teacher

Support Staff


Ruth Ballard

Cristy Gana (NO)

Carol Fahey

Sophie Turner (3 days)


Claire Lazaroo

Maria Mikielewicz

Ioana Filimon LSA

EYFS Chrissy Cummings EYFS Lead 1day, Nur CT 1 day

Class 1A

Louise Sweet

Cathy Carolan am

Elsa de Freitas

Brie Keane LSA

Class 2A

Lory Beurthe

Karen Nangle

Barbara Skirritt LSA

Natalie Walsh LSA

Class 3A

Louise Donohue

Jean Duggan

Clare O'Toole LSA

Class 3B

Fabio Fernand

Maureen Ferguson am

Sandra Mullins LSA

Class 4A

Craig Pattinson

Camilla Mudge am (pm Learning Mentor)

Class 4B

Laura Mellor

Trish Edwards LSA

Jacqui Roberts LSA

Caroline Parnwell LSA

Class 5A

Christian Larke

Kimberly Bacunawa (Student teacher)

Darren Johnson

Class 6A

Joe Lawson

Maria Candula HLTA am

(LT cover pm)

Class 6B

Jill Moriarty

Joshua Lord

Mayward Tutu LSA

Other roles



Whole school

Jane Chapman

Assistant SENco, Reading Recovery/cover


Helen Vondris

Consultant; intervention KS1


Maria Mazarese

Intensive Reading Programme

Phonics support, EAL support

Whole school

Alena Belovintseva

Music lead, Choir (PPA cover M, T, W)

Whole school

Coach Herman

PE, Sports Coaching (PPA cover M, T, W)

Behaviour and Pastoral Care Team

Sarah-Jane Pablo

Social, emotional and behaviour support

Camilla Mudge pm

Social, emotional and behaviour support

School Site

Owen Durkan

Site Manager

Playground Supervisors

Maureen Ferguson

Playgrounds Manager

Annabel Senorin

Nursery Playground

Arieta Shala

Nursery Playground

Sharon Brown REC Playground
Marta Herar KS1 Playground
Cathy Carolan KS1 Playground

Melissa Simon (maternity leave)

KS1 Playground

Samantha Cacheiro Lunchtime LSA: Y2 pupil, Y6 pupil

Tracy Rogers

KS2 Playground

Clare O'Toole

KS2 Playground

Jean Duuggan Lunchtime LSA: Y4 pupil

Trish Edwards

KS2 Playground

Joshua Lord


Coach Herman


Catering Team

Patrice Angoston

Chef, Kitchen Manager


Careen Hughes

Catering Assistant


Kadra Aden

Catering Assistant



Catering Assistant

Music Peripatetic Teachers

Alex Lewis


Ollie Usiskin


Coby Mendez Huarez