Message from Staff at St Mary's

We miss you all! Stay safe and enjoy spending time with your families!

Best Wishes,
Staff at St Mary's


Diego's mum - Thank you for sharing the amazing video, it was really lovely to see everyone safe and well! Diego and all of our family were really happy to see you on the video after many months, do take care and we hope to see you all safe in September.
Best wishes, Diego & family.

Milica - 🥰🥺🥺

Mack's Mum - It was lovely seeing all the staff online! It brought a big smile on our face especially to Mack. Thank you so so much for all your hardwork! We hope to see you soon.Stay safe and God bless.

Carol mum, Micah 6b and Anton 6a - Thanks to you all for such a lovely video! The bad jokes were actually funny ones and we all laughed anyway! We've missed seeing you all too, especially Mr. Lawson and Ms Moriarty. Anton and Micah will be joining you in the classroom soon, with some trepidation, but excited to be with some of their school friends and teachers again. God Bless

Fr Philip - God Bless you all
It brought a smile to my face and a little tear to my eye!

Elizabeth - I miss you all too

Balgis - It was so amazing seeing all the teachers especially miss mellor I really miss you all I know I cant see you in reality but it's still nice to see you online and thank you all so much bye

Faye - That was really lovely karim had a big smile on his face watching this

Aamen and Aamron mum - It is nice to see you all safe and healthy the kids are very happy to see you all special Mrs Beurthe and Mr Fernandes. Kids are doing well we are really appreciate your hard work kids missed you too. Thank you

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