Religious Education

The staff of St Mary’s want our school to be a safe, happy and caring place where we are all offered opportunities to learn, grow and flourish together, to do the best we can do, to be the best we can be! We do this by learning to know and love Jesus more every day and by following His teachings.


Our programme of study (Come and See) is based on the content of the Curriculum Directory and meets its requirements.

All classes follow the Come and See scheme which links teaching and learning to the 4 strands of study in the Curriculum Directory.

References to the appropriate sections of the Curriculum Directory are included in the planning records for each RE topic.

Planning is thorough and staff are encouraged to be imaginative and creative when planning sequences of lessons, using a range of resources (e.g. use of ICT / video / art work / poetry / drama / visits / visitors).

Teachers take all pupils’ individual needs and abilities into consideration in planning RE lessons, ensuring appropriate differentiation and use of resources.

Judaism, as the root of Christianity, is studied by all classes every year during an ‘Other Faiths Week’. A range of high quality work appropriate to age and ability is produced including, ICT, Art, D.T and Literacy. We have been visited by representatives from the Jewish Board of Deputies who have led assemblies and class discussions.

All classes study aspects of another major world religion (Islam / Hinduism / Sikhism). ICT resources, books and artefacts have been purchased to deepen pupils’ knowledge and understanding of other faiths. Members of staff with personal knowledge of other faiths visit classes to answer questions.

‘Sharing’ assemblies celebrate pupils’ new learning and help to foster respect and love for our brothers and sisters of other faiths.

Parents may obtain more information from the following sources:

  • Class Meetings at the beginning of the academic year
  • Class Termly Newsletters
  • RE Termly Newsletter
  • RE News Board at the front of the school building

RE Levels of Attainment