Year 6 at Kingswood 2017 (Day 4)


Abigail 6B - So much fun, best day of my life

Abigail 6B - Best time ever. Got to spend it with all my friend

Fiona Burke - Amazing photos they must have had great time. Thank you for having them .xxxxxxx

Chloe 6A - I wish i was still there we had so much fun :)

Keira 6b - Thank you teachers for looking after me. I would recommend Kingswood to everyone we had a blast so fun thank you

Megan student 6b - I loved that day it was so fun.Thanks to all the teachers for encouraging us.

Euan Castillo Student - Thanks to all teachers for keeping us safe and encouraged. I would recommend kingwood.

Stephen Parnwell - Wow! Every day looks like such amazing fun. Can St Marys organise my next holiday??
We love checking the photos, morning, noon and evening, keep them coming.
Thank you to all our wonderful teachers for making this experience so special for our children and giving them memories that they will treasure forever.

Haidee Maderazo - Lovely to see all the amazing photos!! Seems you are all having a fantastic time with great weather! Take care. Thank you very much!

Kelly, Aidan's mum - Great pictures all children look extremely happy and free nature at its best the warm weather has made a difference with love to all see you all Friday !! God bless xxx thank you to all teachers for the great help with our year 6 children xx

Michelle Harris - Thank you so much for all the lovely photos. Thank you to the amazing four staff members with, means the world to see them all having a blast and safe and sound. Big hugs to All. X

Sandra Da Silva - Thank you for the lovely pictures. Is great they are having an amazing experience. Keep sending the photos, we really appreciate it. Thank you for keeping them safe.

Miss O Connell - The children have had another fantastic day here at Kingswood! More pictures to come soon!

Claudette Charles - Thank you for keeping us updated with the fun our children are having. It looks amazing, great weather, fun activities and very happy children. Enjoy the rest of your stay.

Elaine Cruz - Amazing photos and they all happy. Lovely to see my princess (elyssa) and of course the rest of the kids. Teachers thank you so much for looking after our angels.and we look forward to see all n Friday. I wish I was there it looks so fun-tastic.take care and kisses to my princess pls.

Haidee Maderazo - So happy seeing photos of the kids as we are missing them so much! Hope they have an amazing day and goodluck to more challenging activities. Looking forward for more pictures. And more pictures with Euan please. Thanks a lot for taking care of our children !!!

Liliane Carvalho - Thank you so much for posting photos. It's great to see that they are having great time. Can't wait to hear all about it.

Caroline Parnwell - Amazing photos and they only went yesterday. Thank you for posting them do soon as I'm sure you understand we are missing them. It's fantastic to see them enjoying themselves.

Father Philip - A good time is being had by all

Miss Murphy - We are having an amazing time with lots of activities and lots of sunshine!!

Magdalena Tusting - What a wonderful day all of us are having here in Kingswood! The children are challenging themselves at trying new skills. Several centre leaders have praised our pupils for their team spirit and supporting one another.