Year 6 Show 2017 - Grease


Izah barrett - I would love to put a shout to all the teachers that helped us perform one of the best shows in the world!

Abigail 6B - Miss you guys so much. I will never forget any of you guys.

jhomake - I miss school already. I made a lot of new friends

James 6A - I really miss St. Mary's, this brings back so many memories.

Nevaeh ???????????? Harris - Miss you guys. Have fun at secondary. Hope to see you guys around. Loved performing with you guys. Wish I could do it again

jazmin - I'm going to miss St Marys and all the staff and my friends

Jolie 5b - Your production was great also very funny

Chloe - Really wish I could be back on that stage. Going to miss St Mary's very much ;) I had a great year. I really miss you guys

Adriana - We smashed it . I miss u guys

Taejah - We done so good . Miss u guys already

Niamh 5a - Where all going to miss you Year 6

Elyssa - Thank you teachers and everyone for the amazing work you've put in this production, I won't forgot this. Missing everyone already.

Marcel - It was amazing I miss u guys already. We must meet up for a day

Norah - It was the best performance I've ever seen. Well done everyone and good luck in year 7.

Miss Murphy - What an amazing show, and all of year 6 should be extremely proud. Well done!

Tajah - This was the best. Miss you all already

Miss O Connell - Well done year 6! I really enjoyed watching this!! Fantastic show!

Savannah - I absolutely loved doing grease. It was fun and I'll never forget it. I'll miss you St Mary's!!

Keira - Thank you for helping us with this production I really enjoyed it that is definitely a memory I will keep forever. Big love to all year 6 2017 xxx

Euan 6B - I really enjoyed it, I wish I could do it again. St Mary's good luck in your new journey. See you soon.

Nevaeh 6b - Will miss St Mary's love you guys. Loved doing the production, it was awesome. See you guys around.

Claudette Charles - Amazing night. Year 6 you all smashed it. Fantastic production, well done all and good luck in Year 7.

Paige - It was the best and we will miss you year 6

Paige 5A

Abigail - They did very well. And nice singing!

Christina 6b - We nailed it on the night. St Mary's I will miss you!